We work globally, combining the scale of architecture with the ingenuity of art and the eccentricities of technology, to make spaces more democratic, inclusive and culturally-driven.

Design for Shared Futures

We want to radically transform the built environment.

Today’s technology governs how we relate to each other across the planet, shaping how we interact with our habitats and take action upon the world. To address complex symptoms like the climate crisis, our work transcends conventional boundaries, blending physical and digital, human and non-human, natural and artificial.

Through this approach, we create unforgettable architecture, systems and experiences that get people working together, co-creating diverse shared futures.


Wild Imaginarium

Photo of Wild Imaginarium by HAQUE TAN

Low Carbon Chinatown Pop-Up

Photo of Low Carbon Chinatown by HAQUE TAN


Photo of Cinder by HAQUE TAN

Growing Riversiders

Photo of Growing Riversiders by HAQUE TAN

Another Life

Photo of Another Life by HAQUE TAN


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