One of Europe's largest permanent interactive public spaces, Another Life is part of Bradford's City Park and Mirror Pool, awarded Lux's 'Urban Lighting Project of the Year' in 2012.

Another Life

City of Bradford, UK

As part of a major infrastructure project to pedestrianise the city centre, Bradford aimed to transform its urban landscape into a vibrant cultural hub with the City Park and Mirror Pool development. A major interactive city-centre installation, Another Life was commissioned to engage residents and visitors alike, fostering a sense of community ownership and pride.

Situated within the infrastructure of City Park (designed by Gillespies), Another Life is one of Europe's largest permanent interactive public artworks, animating and activating the public realm by harnessing the concept of urban myths.

Never the same on two days running, every part of the digital infrastructure – from sensors, weather station and cameras to LED lights, mist machines, lasers and fountains – can be reconfigured to respond to each other in millions of different ways, enabling rich and diverse interactive experiences.

The constantly evolving interactive programs ensure its long-term viability and relevance within the evolving urban context.

Playful interactive laser projections respond to passers-by
The Bradford Puddle at City Park, with fountains, lights and lasers animated by Another Life
Interactive fountains configured to burst when people are near

“This is the latest in a number of awards for City Park and we are delighted that its spectacular lighting has received national recognition.

Since its opening last March the park has attracted thousands of visitors and made a positive impact on the city centre."

- Barra Mac Ruairi
Bradford Council’s Strategic Director for Regeneration and Culture.

Interactive fountains configured to burst when people are near

The overarching goal of Another Life is to democratise urban interactions and enable individuals to actively participate in shaping their environment.

The interplay between human movement and responsive technology was designed to foster a sense of wonder and engagement, transforming the urban environment into a dynamic stage for interaction.

The project exemplified a unique approach to urban innovation, blending physical and digital urban infrastructures, and physical and digital interaction, to balance functional requirements with energy efficiency and deep ongoing engagement.

Another Life lighting and water features configured to respond to sensor data
Another Life lighting and water features configured to respond to sensor data
Photos of Another Life © HAQUE TAN & Gillespies


Artistic Concept, Creative Director, Software Development
Usman Haque

Special thanks
Jonathan Laventhol, Technology Director and System Architect
Nitipak 'Dot' Samsen, Creative Technology, Design & Software Development
Gillespies, Urban Landscape Design and Project Lead
Dan Lister, Arup, Lighting, Infrastructure and Engineering Services
Ian Banks, Atoll
Dan Sloane, technical maintenance

Photos by HAQUE TAN and Gillespies.

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