Founded in 2024, HAQUE TAN is a design studio based in London, Marseille and Singapore, led by Ling Tan and Usman Haque, both award-winning designers and artists trained as architects.

Photo of Ling Tan and Usman Haque
Photo of Ling Tan and Usman Haque

About Us

Founded in 2024, HAQUE TAN is a design studio based in London, Marseille and Singapore, led by Ling Tan and Usman Haque, both award-winning designers and artists trained as architects. Building on years of experience in design, interactive art, software engineering and community engagement, they are the creative force behind urban technology studio Umbrellium.

Ling Tan is a distinguished designer, artist and creative technologist, known for her work on social engagement, urban data science and environmental politics.

Trained as an architect, Ling's work challenges the ways that people interact with their built environments using technology as a catalyst for dialogue and action. With a focus on citizen participation and collective agency, she has worked with diverse communities worldwide on a range of participatory and technological initiatives, such as Low Carbon Chinatown and SUPERPOWER! Toolkit, to address pressing urban issues, including public safety, air quality, and gender and racial equity.

Ling's expertise spans multiple disciplines, from architecture and design to data science and social policy. She is currently designing a new AI-driven system for sustainable food consumption and cultural authenticity. She has received the STRP Act Award 2024, Seoul Design Finalist Award 2023, and an Asia Digital Art Finalist Award. She was previously Associate Artistic Director at Kakilang, where she curated the critically acclaimed State-less. She is a frequent public speaker, helping shape discourse on diversity, participation, urban technology and citizen empowerment.

Watch Ling talk about Structuring Participation and Collective Action in Bilbao.

Read her article Why Participate about getting people engaged.

Check out her award winning Playing Democracy, exploring different forms of social structure.

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Photo of Ling Tan
Photo of Usman Haque

Usman Haque is a pioneer in interactive architecture, networked urban environments, participatory design and large-scale public art.

Trained as an architect, Usman is founder of several award-winning design and technology companies, including urban technology studio Umbrellium, and Pachube, one of the world's first IOT data platforms (acquired in 2011). His work over the last three decades in cities around the world has appeared in over 200 books, embracing many disciplines, from architecture and design to technology infrastructure and spectacular urban installations.

Usman is a Design Council Ambassador and member of the Mayor of London's Data for London Advisory Board, helping shape policy and strategy to enhance urban living. He is also co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Starling, a spin-out from Umbrellium dedicated to pedestrian safety. He received the 2008 Design of the Year Award (interactive) from the Design Museum, UK; a 2009 World Technology Award (art); the Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence prize (2004) and the Asia Digital Art Award Grand Prize (2005). He is a frequent public speaker on interactive architecture, urban technology design, democratising public space, multi-species urbanism, and the impact of climate change on cities.

See Usman talk about Wild Cities and Wild Communities at WRLDCTY.

Read his article Mutually Assured Construction, about designing participatory systems.

Find out more about his work on Rewilding Royal Docks in East London.

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Our Approach

We create unforgettable architecture, systems and experiences that get people working together, co-creating diverse shared futures. Our work transcends conventional boundaries, blending physical and digital, human and non-human, natural and artificial. With diverse backgrounds spanning multiple heritages and languages, we bring a unique approach to the design process, embracing the concept of the 'other': other ideas, other people, other genders, other cultures, other beings, other species.

We design for shared futures, building on the complex diversity of different people's voices and perspectives.

Read about our East London project, Collective Action in Tackling Air Pollution that showed how a 'collective intelligence’ approach, getting people working together, can help double impact.

Open Burble, Singapore, configured and constructed by hundreds of members of the public
Open Burble, Singapore, configured & constructed by hundreds of members of the public
Participant empathy maps of trees in More Than Human Citizen Assembly

We're fascinated by 'natural' intelligence, as we are with the full spectrum of 'artificial' and 'human' intelligence.

Critical of Big Tech, we aim to reframe human intelligence in the context of many possible intelligences. See our recent More Than Human Citizen Assembly, where a group of families had 'conversations' with a community of trees, to make collective decisions concerning the climate crisis.

Participant empathy maps of trees in More Than Human Citizen Assembly

As experts in technology, we help redesign how it's deployed, particularly in the built environment.

Read about how we designed and built an interactive crosswalk that puts pedestrians in control, as part of Umbrellium, making roads more sustainable, dynamic and responsive.

Interactive pedestrian crossing
Interactive pedestrian crossing in South London

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